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Reviews Of XCELPM

“I highly recommend XCEL PM. I purchased two properties, but realized pretty quickly that I didn’t have enough time to really focus on day-to-day management. XCEL has managed my properties extremely well.”

Tyler R., Philadelphia, PA

“I recently started renting out my second house, but it probably wouldn’t have been possible without XCEL PM. I didn’t really know anything about it before I called them. They were responsive, always able to answer my questions and provide guidance. Best of all, they found a tenant super fast and even fixed some drainage problems that were making our renters miserable!”

Jessica T., Philadelphia, PA

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with XCEL PM for almost a year now. As an investor, I was very pleased by their responsive, proactive way of doing business. Every client concern was dealt with appropriately, and quickly. Very reliable service.”

Pauline M., Philadelphia, PA

“I hired XCEL PM to manage a maintenance project for a property I own in Bella Vista. They knew the area’s existing market, and performed extensive research to find out what potential renters would be looking for. The unit came out beautifully and they found a renter within two weeks!”

John F., Philadelphia, PA