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Why Have Your Single Family Home Managed?

XCEL PM offers a thorough range of property management services to the owners of single-family homes in Philadelphia. We believe that entrusting your investment to someone else shouldn’t feel like assuming another risk. It should be the exact opposite.

Management Services Provided

Single-family homes present their own unique set of concerns, both for owners and residents. XCEL PM seeks to address these issues with boutique solutions in a cost-effective manner. Our services include:

  • Efficient rent processing, by check or ACH
  • Unit marketing
  • Development of insurance profile, rate negotiation, and bid obtainment
  • Utility bill payment
  • Eviction filing
  • Resolution of legal matters

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As with any investment, rental properties must be maintained in peak condition. Nowhere is this more true than in the single-family residence market, where profitability depends on a sole tenant and desirability is the reflection of a home’s combined aesthetic and functional elements.

At XCEL PM, we’ve developed a two-pronged approach that both minimizes risk and maximizes value.

Property Inspections

First, we perform routine property inspections, thoroughly evaluating the residence’s physical plant for potential damage. We take proactive measures to address developing issues, stopping any loss of value in its tracks.

With familiarity comes insight into new investment opportunities. As a standard component of our unique financial report, offered to all property owners, we’ll make targeted suggestions for repairs and upgrades that will increase the value of your investment.


The second step is routine upkeep. XCEL PM fully manages all maintenance-related unit issues, including water leaks, drainage problems, and wall patching. Our property inspections allow us to manage on-going concerns efficiently, so you spend less on repairs long-term.

If extensive repairs become necessary, XCEL PM will aggressively negotiate contracts with Philadelphia’s premier licensed contractors, ensuring that you receive competitive rates. As a core value, we emphasize transparency, which is why XCEL PM never accepts referral fees from contactors.

Emergency Response

We are dedicated to addressing tenant issues promptly, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. An EXCEL PM representative is always within 15 to 20 minutes of every unit we manage. This commitment allows us to confront urgent concerns with an unparalleled level of rapidity. It also affords the opportunity for continual property oversight, keeping tenants, and owners, satisfied with round the clock support.

Fee Range For Single Family Home Management

11% to 8% of total property rent.

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