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Multi-Family Home Property Management

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Why Have Your Multi-Family Home Managed?

XCEL PM is pleased to offer comprehensive property management to owners of multi-family homes in Philadelphia. Based in Center City, we emphasize rapid response times, stringent property oversight, and modern approaches to the task of protecting your investment.

Management Services Provided

Our mission is to maintain the ongoing profitability of multi-family homes, through individually-tailored management services, including:

  • Routine maintenance
  • 24 / 7 emergency response
  • Insurance development, rate negotiation, and bid procurement
  • In-house eviction filing
  • Proactive resolution of legal concerns
  • Utility bill management, collection, payment, and statement distribution

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Spotlight Services: Multi-Family Homes

EXCEL PM is proud to represent a new generation of property management companies that emphasize contemporary advances within the industry. An innovative, digital approach allows us to present greater transparency to property owners, and facilitates immediate management of tenant issues.

Rent Processing

XCEL PM utilizes Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing to collect rent payments. ACH draws directly from tenant bank accounts, and deposits them instantly in your own. Clients have come to rely on the certainty that ACH provides, and tenants demand its ease-of-use. All ACH fees are paid by XCEL PM.


Perhaps more than any other rental property, multi-family homes require maximum occupancy to preserve profitability. And while tenant retention is key, filling open units is even more important.

XCEL PM leverages the newest marketing techniques to ensure that prospective tenants fall in love with your property. Using localized internet resources, and extensive keyword research, we drill down to find the right tenants. Our goal is to present your multi-family home in the best possible light, through professional-grade photography and thorough descriptions that highlight a unit’s most desirable features.


Effective property management depends on multiple factors. XCEL PM is committed to surrounding real estate investments with a comprehensive level of protection. We serve as the primary interface between owner and tenant, managing concerns and risks with a view to investor satisfaction.

XCEL PM seeks to maximize the value of multi-family home. Through routine property inspections, we preemptively address developing problems, and locate potential areas of improvement that can increase property value. If third-party intervention is required, XCEL PM aggressively negotiates contracts to secure the most competitive rates. Our broad client base allows us to lock in group rates unavailable to the owners of single properties.

Fee Range For Multi-Family Home Management

8% to 6% of total property rent.

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