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Condominium Property Management

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Why Have Your Condominium Managed?

XCEL PM is a full-service property management company based in Center City, Philadelphia. We are pleased to extend our comprehensive service offerings to the owners of condominium rental units. Acting as primary interface between property owners, Homeowner Associations (HOA), and individual tenants, our mission is to minimize risk, while maximizing the profitability of your investment.

Management Services Provided

Managing a condominium is largely a question of managing personalities. We provide 24 / 7 emergency response service to quickly neutralize potential issues. And by leveraging the latest technological innovations, XCEL PM provides efficient solutions that seek to maximize value for investors in multi-family real estate developments.

Our condominium management services include:

  • In-house eviction filing
  • Thorough property inspections
  • Routine maintenance
  • ACH rent processing
  • Proactive unit marketing
  • Financial reporting

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Spotlight Services: Condominiums

With multiple, privately-owned units, condominiums rank among the most complex real estate investments. Maintaining peak occupancy becomes absolutely crucial, as does negotiating utility and service contracts. XCEL PM has developed proven strategies that seek to maintain both property value and profitability.

Negotiation Of Building Service Contracts

XCEL PM seeks to secure the most competitive rates for service contracts, through aggressive negotiation. We understand that this service is especially critical to the profitability of condominium units, and we are pleased to negotiate all services including electrical, plumbing, and water.

Our thorough property inspection program was designed to identify critical needs and potential areas of improvement. If specialized contraction, like asbestos removal, becomes necessary, XCEL PM leverages a broad client base to attain significantly-discounted group rates.

Utility Bill Pay

Our goal is to boost property value, while keeping operating expenses at a minimum. XCEL PM is pleased to assume all utility-related tasks, including the collection, payment, and statement disbursement of Philadelphia city water bills.

Fee Range For Condominium Management

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