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Why Have Your Commercial Property Managed?

XCEL PM is proud to extend its comprehensive property management services to the owners of commercial real estate in Philadelphia.

In the world of commerce, maintaining profitability is critical. XCEL PM has created a full-service suite of management offerings to maintain, and even increase, a property’s value and efficient functioning.

Management Services Provided

Of all real estate investments, commercial properties require the most diligent oversight. XCEL PM’s central office is located conveniently in Center City, Philadelphia’s business district, allowing us to provide 24 / 7 emergency response whenever you, or your tenants, need it. Through thorough property inspections, we catch developing issues before they result in value loss. And by utilizing efficient ACH rent processing, we make sure that no income is overlooked. Our services extend to include:

  • In-house filing of evictions keep legal fees at a minimum
  • Utility bill pay ensures that no necessary aspect of overhead is neglected
  • General maintenance increases tenant satisfaction, ensures occupant retention, and sustains profitability
  • Aggressive unit marketing finds the best tenants for your property
  • XCEL PM’s broad client base allows us to negotiate competitive rates on all building service contracts

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Spotlight Services: Commercial Properties

XCEL PM is dedicated to promoting transparent relationships. We want you to be aware of every critical development within the lifecycle of your investment. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate data, so you can make the right decisions for your property.

Financial Reporting

Our in-depth financial reports were designed to inform you of three crucial features that, together, present a comprehensive picture of your commercial real estate property’s status.

The report highlights:

  1. The overall housing market in your property’s zip code.
  2. Potential repairs and upgrades that could dramatically increase your property’s value.
  3. A full summary of your property’s tenants.

Insurance Profile Development & Bid Obtainment

For commercial properties with multiple tenants, insurance is of particular concern. XCEL PM is pleased to develop the necessary “landlord” insurance, covering non-owner occupants. Some policies even offer “Fair Rental Income,” which maintains your income level even in the event that a unit becomes uninhabitable.

XCEL PM’s broad client base allows us to negotiate the most competitive rates.

Fee Range For Commercial Property Management

6% to 5% of total property rent.

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