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Property Management

Based in Center City, XCEL PM offers full-service property management to the owners of real estate in Philadelphia. We seek to provide innovative solutions, by harnessing cutting-edge technologies and the responsiveness available only from a boutique provider.

Philadelphia Property ManagementBest Property Management in Philadelphia

XCEL PM’s service offerings were designed to cover every aspect of a real estate investment’s life cycle.

Emergency Response

Emergencies, no matter who they impact, are important. Unattended, they can damage a property’s value, and threaten amicable relations between tenants and ownership.

XCEL PM is committed to extending the highest response times in the industry. A representative is always within 20 minutes of every unit we manage, 24 / 7. Our mission is to address concerns – before they develop into serious issues.

Regular Property Inspections

At XCEL PM, we believe that mitigating potential problems is only one aspect of maintaining a successful investment. We perform extensive property inspections, rather than relying solely on a cursory walk through. In short, we get to know your property.

An intimate understanding of your property’s best features, selling points, allows us to effectively market unoccupied units. But our diligence extends beyond a simple familiarity with your real estate. Extensive oversight allows us to manage developing concerns in your investment’s physical plant, and identify areas for improvement that may increase property value considerably.

Routine Maintenance

Water leaks, cracked walls, and malfunctioning smoke detectors: even the smallest problem can result in major value loss when it’s allowed to develop unchecked.

XCEL PM’s property inspection strategy ensures that we catch concerns quickly. And by handling routine maintenance in-house, we remove the need for outside contracting whenever possible.

Negotiation Of Building Service Contracts

When specialized work becomes necessary, XCEL PM leverages a broad client base to negotiate the most competitive rates. We are pleased to broker all building service contracts, including electrical, plumbing, specialized construction, and general contracting.

Aggressive Marketing

When maintaining maximum occupancy is a priority, effective marketing becomes absolutely essential. XCEL PM performs extensive search term research to learn what the right tenants are looking for, so we can serve them the most compelling listings the first time.

High-quality visual representation is a must, and we want to present your properties in the best light. Professional-grade photography and extensive descriptions highlight a unit’s uniquely desirable features.

Rent Processing

XCEL PM seeks to reduce a property owner’s measure of risk wherever possible. Instead of relying on paper checks for rent collection, we utilize secure Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing technology.

ACH acts as digital “middleman” between your tenants’ bank accounts and your own. When rent is due, the amount is simply transferred from one to the other. It’s quick, certain, and always on time. Processor fees are all paid by XCEL PM, and we are pleased to utilize alternative methods of payment if you prefer.

Utility Bill Pay

By law, certain utility bills cannot be transferred out of an owner’s name. This regulation becomes particularly problematic for owners’ of condominium and commercial property. In effect, one must either exert rigorous oversight or trust in a tenant’s own diligence.

In many respects, property management is a matter of managing people. We want to take that burden off your shoulders. XCEL PM fully handles the collection, payment, and statement disbursement of all utility bills, including Philadelphia city water bills.

rent and insurance and utilities helpInsurance Coverage Development & Bid Obtainment

Where real estate is concerned, comprehensive insurance coverage is an essential safeguard. Beyond maintenance and tenant management, there’s no better line of defense. XCEL PM will develop a full landlord insurance profile, ensuring that no risk can threaten your investment. Even if unavoidable, or preexisting, damages render a unit unlivable, we make certain that your income continues.

Insurance is another domain in which XCEL PM’s existing pool of managed properties can work for you. Our client base allows us to secure competitive rates.

Preemptive Resolution Of Legal Matters

Mutually beneficial tenant relationships provide the foundation of any successful rental property. XCEL PM takes a preemptive approach to the resolution of problems and conflicts. We always seek to resolve legal issues before legal counsel becomes necessary.

In-House Eviction Filing

At XCEL PM, we consider evictions a last resort. But when the value of your investment is at stake, and a tenant’s actions have become unacceptable, eviction is absolutely necessary.

As legally required, we will first give a tenant written notice and, with diligent oversight, attempt to resolve the problem in your best interest. If improvement does not occur, we will initiate legal proceedings. Instead of handing eviction filings over to an attorney, XCEL PM files unlawful detainer actions without the need for legal counsel. This strategy keeps expenses at a minimum and ensures that rental units are occupied by both satisfied and profitable tenants.

Financial Reporting

Our primary goal is to relieve the pressures of owning real estate, by providing consistent, comprehensive management services. XCEL PM seeks to take the practicalities of property ownership off your mind completely.

With that being said, transparency is one of our core values. We believe that thorough accounting, and detailed financial reports, are essential in facilitating your decision-making process.

In addition to thoroughly documenting cash flow, our customized financial reports highlight three areas critical to the sustained performance of your asset:

  1. A detailed overview of the housing market in your investment’s zip code.
  2. Potential areas of improvement / upgrades for further investment.
  3. Summary of the individual tenant(s) in your property.

Our reporting strategy was designed to beneficially impact your bottom line.

Comprehensive Property Management In Philadelphia

At the end of the day, our goal is simple. We want to maintain, and even increase, the value of your investment. By ensuring cash flow, rigorously managing expenses, preserving your property in peak condition, and exerting thorough oversight over all features of your real estate, XCEL PM is able to sustain the value of real estate assets.