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Project Management

XCEL PM’s project management services were designed to take your mind off the details. Cleared of minutiae, you’ll be able to focus on a broader view of your investment and make the best decisions.

Our experience in property management makes us uniquely qualified to direct the design and enhancement of real estate. Our perspective is always focused on the finished product, and how present decisions will eventually effect the way people actually live and work in your rental units.

Project Management In Philadelphia

XCEL PM’s project management program is tailored to the needs and goals of each owner.

Owner’s RepresentationPhilly Homes for sale Near.

Numerous specialists are required for the successful completion of any real estate project. Architects, contractors, and vendors – they’re all necessary for the improvement of investment real estate properties. But none of these players truly share your interests. And with so many small, but important, decisions to make every day, thorough, diligent oversight is critical.

We emphasize a tailored approach, performing exhaustive research to understand your goals and the best approach to achieve them. And we know Philadelphia: its neighborhoods, properties, and most importantly, its renters. As Owner’s Representation, XCEL PM will ensure that your concerns are prioritized above all others.

Contract Development & Negotiation

Finding the right contractors is essential. XCEL PM is pleased to both procure appropriate vendors and service providers and facilitate the contract formation process. Our extensive network, which represents Philadelphia’s best contractors, allows us to meet your distinct needs with the right resources.

We seek to minimize expenses at every step, leveraging our current client base of managed properties to negotiate competitive rates. Our focus is profitability, and our mission to negotiate favorable terms. XCEL PM will also oversee compliance and manage the payment of invoices.

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