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XCEL PM is a full service property management company located in Center City, Philadelphia. We use a cost-focused, customer-oriented approach to maximize the value in prospective investment properties.

Property Management Services

Property management is fundamentally a matter of maintaining the profitability of real estate investments and sustaining property value. At XCEL PM, we think that’s just the beginning.

Our management program was specifically designed to reduce an owners’ expenses and locate additional investment opportunities, areas for improvement and upgrade, that can both minimize risk and increase an asset’s value.

  • 24 hour, 7 day a week client assistance with property oversight
  • Emergency response
  • Assists in procurement of insurance coverage
  • Facilitate client decision-making with necessary reports
  • Negotiate competitive rates with contractors and vendors
  • File and follow up on necessary rental licenses annually

For a full overview of our services, visit “Property Management” here.

Property Types Managed

XCEL PM offers full-service management across a diverse range of real estate properties. But as the function of property changes, management needs necessarily change as well. We’ve tailored our services to meet these shifting needs.

Student Housing

Thorough oversight is essential to the profitability of student housing. Problems can surface quickly and, when left unchecked, progress beyond the reach of superficial management techniques. XCEL PM employs a proactive approach, inspecting units on a routine basis and preemptively neutralizing developing legal issues.

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Single Family Homes

Single family homes require an exceedingly nuanced approach, especially where maintenance is concerned. When maximizing profitability is dependent upon sole occupancy, a holistic, comprehensive approach to the property’s needs is crucial. XCEL PM provides routine inspections and protective maintenance to ensure the sustained value of single family homes.

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Multi-Family Homes

Multi-family homes can only achieve peak profitability at full occupancy. XCEL PM’s extensive property inspections inform every marketing decision we make. We want to present your property in the best possible light. Attracting the right tenants, and making sure that your tenants are satisfied living together, is our priority.

For more information, visit our “Multi-Family Home” page.


By its very nature, the management of condominium properties is a juggling act. XCEL PM’s contract negotiation services were designed to keep expenses at a minimum when specialized contracting becomes necessary. And we handle the complex task of utility bill pay with efficient, assured systems.

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Commercial Real Estate

Where profitability is primary, and risk high, effective property management is critical. XCEL PM’s suite of commercial real estate services were tailored to maintain maximum occupancy, minimize expenses, and ensure rigorous oversight.

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